Design Experience

JPC Architects, Bellevue, WA
Interior designer II, 02/12 - present
Corporate office, healthcare, fitness, government and educational interior design. Duties include site verification and data gathering, meetings with clients, the creation of complete permit sets and construction documents, details, material boards and presentation materials. Space planning, material, lighting and finish selection, building code research and implementation. Development of Building Owners and Managers Association documents.
Stieg Design Associates, Seattle, WA
Interior designer, 12/10 - present
On-site data gathering and collation. Creation and development of floor plans and elevations. Generation of 3D presentation models, rendered perspectives, and graphic design work for corporate office and residential interiors.
Sechrist Design, Seattle, WA
Interior designer, 01/11 - 02/12
Creation and development of assisted living, educational, and multi-unit and single family residential projects. Production of presentation materials, construction documents and 3D models. Space planning, material selection, specifications, and purchasing.
Midori Design Group, Bellevue, WA
Interior designer, 08/11 - 01/12
Commercial and high-end residential design with a wide variety of duties encompassing all aspects of the interior design process including the creation of presentation drawings, proposals, and construction documents. Proofreading, and management of communications and relations with clients and subcontractors.
The Art Institute of Seattle, Library
Part time student librarian, 01/08 - 06/11
Recommended for position by faculty. Assisted faculty and students from all academic programs. Facilitated data research, computer and web use, project development and troubleshooting.
The Art Institute of Seattle
Peer tutor, 01/08 - 01/11
Recommended by faculty to assist students. Tutored in twenty eight subjects including drafting, drawing, perspectives,
rendering by hand or using a computer, as well as history, model making, AutoCAD, Revit, and analytical writing.

Porcupine Design, London, San Francisco, Seattle
Part time freelance artist, illustrator, cartoonist and writer, 01/95 - present
Published in Warpstone, Morbid Outlook and Strike to Stun. Tabletop and card game design and development. Conceptual art and product development. Custom fantasy weapon, armor and equipment design and manufacture.
Lloyd Hryciw Photography, San Francisco
Photographic assistant, 08/99 - 11/02
Photoshoot setup and takedown. Client management and public relations. Clients included Discovery Toys, Simpson Strong Tie, Palm and Japan Town SF.
Labyrinthe, Chiselhurst, England
Management and leadership, 01/95 - 08/99
Professional referee, armorer and guildmaster for premier liveaction role-play company. Organized and managed adventures for all ages in twenty miles of historic caves dating back to the Roman Empire. Designed and produced equipment and material for the company. Organized, maintained and managed company supply store.